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How to Fix Western Digital Caviar Green Bug

This information will be of interest to all those who use hard drives Western Digital Caviar Green range. Recently I discovered that these discs suffer a number of problems with no official solution from Western Digital that many people are unaware, and that could eventually cause serious data loss.
how to fix western digital caviar green

Guide Preview of Fixing Western Digital Caviar Green Bug

There are three main problems:

- LCC and RAID: affects ALL WD Caviar Green, without exception everyone who has a Caviar Green has to apply the solution of the LCC, and if it has it in RAID, also apply the solution for RAID..
- Poor performance: affects some specific models If your hard drive has a ridiculous performance, try to process an RMA because there is nosolution.

1. Poor Performance

After formatting, all hard drives work well and have optimal performance. But over time, especially as it is giving them use, begin to suffer performance problems. In the official forums there are users that Western Digital announced poor transfer speeds around 2MB / s, freezing and even system crashes.

Models affected:
- WD15EADS (1.5TB 32MB cache), especially 00P8B0 submodel (except submodel 00R6B0)
- WD15EARS (1.5TB 64MB cache), especially 00P8B0 submodel (except submodel 00R6B0)
- WD20EADS (2TB 32MB cache), especially 00P8B0 submodel (except submodel 00R6B0)

Many manufacturers of NAS devices these models have withdrawn their compatibility lists. Synology NAS indicates that its only support the submodel 00R6B0 of these discs, which is the only unaffected. Thecus has eliminated them directly from your list.Indicated on your QNAP compatibility list that have problems WD15EADS slowdowns, crashes and poor performance.
- http://www.synology....u&product_id=63
- (3.5

No solution

2 Death excess heads parked (LCC)

To save energy, the entire range Caviar Green uses a somewhat aggressive but fairly common method, consisting park the heads in the security zone once after some time of inactivity. The problem is that the parked is configured to be done every 8 seconds! Hard drives support a maximum number of heads parked over its lifetime, and in the case of Green Caviar parked 300,000 guaranteed operations before mechanical failure occurs.

The number of times a disc parks the heads is registered by the value of "Load Cycle Count" (or LCC) of SMART. Users have detected a rapid increase in this value, calculating that in less than two years may exceed the figure of the 300,000estimated to be parked within the lifetime of a disk, with only about 4 or 5 hours of use. In my case, my hard drive is connected just a few minutes a week to back up and dump some data, and in a year I have planted a value of 10413 (the number of hours indicates the SMART not block me and I do not think it's right above):

   1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x002f 200 200 051 Pre-fail Always - 0
   3 Spin_Up_Time 0x0027 143 141 021 Pre-fail Always - 9808
   4 Start_Stop_Count Old_age 0x0032 100 100 000 Always - 991
   5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0033 200 200 140 Pre-fail Always - 0
   7 100 253 000 0x002e Seek_Error_Rate Old_age Always - 0
   9 Power_On_Hours Old_age 0x0032 099 099 000 Always - 827
  10 Spin_Retry_Count Old_age 0x0032 100 100 000 Always - 0
  11 Calibration_Retry_Count Old_age 0x0032 100 100 000 Always - 0
  12 Power_Cycle_Count Old_age 0x0032 100 100 000 Always - 421
 Power-Off_Retract_Count 0x0032 192 200 200 000 Old_age Always - 36
 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 193 197 197 000 Old_age Always - 10413
 Temperature_Celsius 0x0022 194 124 104 000 Old_age Always - 28
 Reallocated_Event_Count 0x0032 196 200 200 000 Old_age Always - 0
 Current_Pending_Sector 0x0032 197 200 200 000 Old_age Always - 0
 Offline_Uncorrectable 0x0030 198 200 200 000 Old_age Offline - 0
 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count 0x0032 199 200 200 000 Old_age Always - 1
 Multi_Zone_Error_Rate 0x0008 200 200 200 000 Old_age Offline - 0

Models affected:
- All Western Digital Caviar Green

- Lower the WDIDLE3 utility Western Digital page: http://support.wdc.c...sid=113&lang=en
- Copy the utility to a floppy disk, CD or USB boot with MsDOS or FreeDOS
- Switch off all PC hard disks, connected to plate and let only those who want to fix
- Start in MsDOS / FreeDOS and run:

  wdidle3.exe / s300 

Sometimes it seems that there are problems with the parameter according to the version of the tool. If it does not work with "/ s300" test with a space in between, "/ s 300".
NOTE: In many places it is suggested to use the parameter "/ d" to completely disable the function, but this seems to cause major performance problems, and in some cases parked constant heads, so we recommend using "/ s 300" to set the time parked head to 5 minutes, which is the maximum allowed.

  1. -
  2. - http: //community.wdc.../highlight/true
  3. - http: //chbits.blogsp...wdtler-and.html

The WDIDLE3 utility can be used safely in the following models:
RE Drives - WD1000FYPS-01ZKB0, WD7500AYPS-01ZKB0, WD7501AYPS-01ZKB0

3 Corruption of RAID Volume

This problem only affects other users wishing to use these hard drives in RAID. Western Digital Caviar Green warns that the range does not support RAID volumes, and it invites us to buy the business range RE-4, significantly more expensive. The real reason is given by the way in which the Green Caviar errors manage read / write.

All hard drives have an additional space sectors beyond the actual disk space. These additional sectors are used to relocate information when a problem is detected in a physical area of ​​the disc. For example, if you type in the field # 10 problems are detected, it is marked as invalid and relocated to a reserve sector. The same goes for reading, trying to retrieve the information from the damaged area and relocating it once it has been achieved (recoverable error).

These operations take a hardly predictable time, from a few seconds to several minutes.'s Problem for a RAID volume is expected to answer the hard drive within a limited time, usually around 10 seconds. If there is a disc that appears to be frozen or no response after a read / write, the RAID controller is marked as invalid and calls for its replacement and rebuilding the RAID volume. Use Caviar Green hard drives in RAID can lead to problems data loss because it can do that to a recoverable error, the RAID controller discard the hard disk and marked as invalid. If a RAID-0 we will have a big problem, and if it is a tolerant RAID on a hard drive and drop two also.

The solution is to limit the time of data recovery. That is, what matters is that the hard drive try to make a quick recovery of the sector, and if this is not possible before the problem rises when the RAID controller so that it is she who makes the decision of proper recovery. Here's how the disks are configured in the RE-4 range, cutting recovery by 7-8 seconds.

Models affected:
- All Western Digital Caviar Green


- Lower the WDTLER usefulness of this page: http: //
- Copy the utility to a floppy disk, CD or USB boot with MsDOS or FreeDOS
- Switch off all PC hard disks, connected to plate and let only those who want to fix
- Start in MsDOS / FreeDOS
- Run First "tlerscan.exe"
- Execute after "tler_on.exe"

- http: //
- http: //chbits.blogsp...wdtler-and.html
And the silence from Western Digital about this problem is worrying.

PS: I made some screenshots (before reconfiguring the idle3) SMART values ​​Caviar Green (WD10EARS) and another WD (WD3200AAKS) to use with the operating system for 2 years.

WD10EARS Caviar Green:
WD10EARS Caviar Green


In those 8 hours of actual use (I plug just to make backups, e-sata via a dock), the Caviar Green had 234 "parked" head.The other for 430 days and 20 hours of use is 1455.
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Toshiba launches 5TB hard disk to cloud applications

toshiba 5tb enterprise hd
Toshiba has announced a new line of high-capacity hard drives for enterprise environments, designed for general storage systems and servers that support cloud-based applications and analytic workloads.
The MC04ACAxxx series is available in 3.5-inch format, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 5TB and data transfer rate of 5Gbps and 7,200 rpm.
"With a capacity of up to 5TB and a yield of 7,200 rpm, the Toshiba MC04ACAxxx series offers capabilities that scale cloud architecture and current use cases require, "said Martin Larsson, Vice President of Toshiba Electronics Europe for the division of storage products.
In line with most high-capacity hard drives currently on the market, the latest products from Toshiba offer 1TB per platter density ; the higher-end model, MC04ACA500E provides 5TB of storage capacity and a transfer rate of 170Mbps sustainable data.
All units support industry standards for use workloads in the cloud up to 180 TB per year , more than three times the capacity of standard industry work for hard drives table.

Designed for cloud computing applications, hard disc MC04ACAxxx are designed to operate 24 × 7 and are calculated a mean time to failure (mean time to failure - MTTF) of 800,000 hours.

Toshiba has announced that limited samples are available of his new family in Europe, and will be available through its channel partners in the near future.

One of a Kind Western Digital Purple Review

The hard drive Western Digital Purple Review has been specially developed for high-definition surveillance systems, …

which require a 24/7-Festplatte for up to 32 surveillance cameras. The AllFrame technology works with ATA streaming and prevents pixel errors and interruptions during video recording.

Western Digital Purple Review 
  • Reduce the loss of pictures because is a special disc for surveillance
  • Specially designed for surveillance systems and security
  • Technology IntelliPower: balance of spin speed (RPM), transfer rate and caching algortims, to achieve maximum energy savings and higher performance
  • The caching algorithms are customized for demanding applications in writing, with low baud rate and number of transmissions as surveillance systems
  • Change priority for writing assignments and cache
  • Low power consumption
  • 3-year limited warranty
First, I knew from the beginning that it would buy a WD drive . In my last 30 hard drives consumption, all my WD drives lasted until I decided to take down larger units. This compared with both Hitachi and Seagate both units have developed bad sectors or damage to components.

Western Digital Purple vs Red

Western Digital Purple vs Red

I wanted to try the new drive and I loved him so much . A key factor in my decision to buy this car was support TLER. I currently have a RAID, but do not want to limit.
Gary E Peterson said it best in his review Red WD TLER explains, " time limited error recovery - where the hard drive would be part of an array, it is assumed that there is redundancy, and not afraid to say quickly that the host controller simply can not complete the current application I / S " .
Both red and western digital purple review have WD TLER. Both have three years warranty. Red has a MTBF of 1 million hours trading and purple is not listed . Violet is rated for 300,000 load / unload cycles 600,000 cycles vs. Red . Purple red cape edges in noise 26 dBA vs 28 dBA while searching .
This unit is very new on the market and my golf drive . :-) I'll update my review after a period of use of the hard disk.

Western Digital Purple Review Comparison Table Between 1, 2, 3 and 4 TB Versions.

Size Photo Storage Mp3 Files Storage Video Storage Model Number Dimensions Info Item picture
2 TB 400,000 digital photos 500,000 MP3 files 240 hours of HD video WD20PURX 5.8 x 4 x 1 inches; 1.6 pounds more details of this item Western Digital Purple Review 2TB
4 TB 800,000 digital photos 1,000,000 MP3 files 300 hours of HD video. WD40PURX 5.8 x 4 x 1 inches; 1.6 pounds more details here Western Digital Purple Review 4TB
1 TB 200,000 digital photos 250,000 MP3 files 120 hours of HD video. WD10PURX 5.8 x 4 x 1 inches; 1.1 pounds product page here Western Digital Purple Review 1TB
3 TB 600,000 digital photos 750,000 MP3 files 360 hours of HD video. WD30PURX 5.8 x 4 x 1 inches; 1.6 pounds Details and specifications Western Digital Purple Review 3TB


Western Digital Purple Review - Official Video

Common Technical Detail of Western Digital Purple Review Among all Versions:

Series WD Purple
Design 3.5 inches
Interface Internal
Serial ATA/600: Power connector 15-pin
Audible noise: Quiet 26 dB / 27 dB operation
Power consumption: Read / Write 5.1 Watts
Hibernate: 4.5 Watt
Standby: 0.5 Watt
Sleep 0.5 Watt
Features: 24-hour continuous operation
Info: IntelliPower, AllFrame

 Click here to see actual prices of the product!

The Good and the Bad of Western Digital Purple Review

The board runs quite cool and calm. Barely audible! Therefore ideal for video recording in 24/7 continuous ... clear recommendation in the area ... nothing to complain about
Connected Drive. Despite the lower rotation speed pretty impressive transfer rates
just wait she has a good life expectancy, especially since she is certified for 24/7.
Very good Drive
The only downside, the container without being non-existent, is not within the limit. The disk is surrounded by a fairly rigid foam literally swimming in a box three times too large shocks hello in the bunkers.

...thanks for reading my western digital purple review

Support Hard Drives - Western Digital Jumper Settings

Information on setting jumpers Western Digital hard drives

EIDE disks
All Caviar drives have a jumper block (J8) located between the 40-pin IDE connector and the power connector. These jumpers select options physical hard disk detection. All Caviar Drives are factory set for the installation of cable select.


Installing single disk

If you are installing the disk drive as the only IDE cable in the system along with the ribbon cable do not support Cable Select, locate the jumper shunt in the neutral storage position.

Installing double disc

In installations stunts (2 devices on the IDE cable) disc shunts jumpers need to designate which is the master (the first detected device) and which is the slave (the second detection device). See Figure 1 or Figure 2 is illustrated where the jumper settings.
If you have a dual installation, you must designate one drive as master and the other as slave. The pins on the J8 jumper block must be configured for the dual installation. If the other device connected to the IDE cable is not an IDE drive from Western Digital, see the installation guide on the master / slave configuration.
To install a jumper shunt on pins of jumper J8:
  • See Figures 1 or 2 to determine its configuration.
  • Carefully place the shunt on pins specified in Fig.
  • Press the wrapper in place until it is flush with the base of the jumper block.
Note: The appointment of a master or slave drive is usually determined by jumper settings, not the order in which is connected in series to another disk. The only exception is if the drive is connected in "cable select" and both the system and the ribbon cable support cable select. In this case the master and slave are determined by their position relative to the flat data cable.Depending on how the system to control the line of the flat cable select cable determines where the master and slave should be placed. For more information, refer to your system manual.

Figure 1. (disc 6 and 10 pin)

western digital jumpers settings disc 6 and 10 pin

Figure 2 discs (9 pins)
Pins disks can be designated by letters or numbers.

9 jumper settings western digital
More EIDE Drives 2.1 GB
This section applies to the Western Digital drives as AC32500 - The cylinder count of the disk exceeds 4095 . AC313000 - The cylinder count this record exceeds 16383 . 16383 cylinder limit affects any drive larger than 8 4GB. An additional limit of 32GB BIOS. You will notice that a disk with a capacity of well over 8.4 GB WD400BB as it has the same cylinder count. This is because most systems use INT13 extensions and no longer use the cylinder count to recognize the total disk capacity. However, the symptoms and the solutions are identical.

The BIOS of some systems can NOT properly recognize drives now have more than 4095 cylinders, while others can NOT properly recognize hard drives that have more than 16383 cylinders with capacity limits of 8.4 and 32 GB. You should know if your system BIOS has this limitation once your disk is installed. When you first boot your system you can a) blocked or b) display a much smaller disk capacity.
a) If your system freezes (ie not responding after a few minutes), follow the steps below:
  1. Turn off the system. Check the IDE interface and power supply cables to ensure they are properly connected.
  2. Check the jumper settings.
  3. Turn on your system.
  4. Try to enter the CMOS setup.
If your system still does not respond, it may be because the BIOS in your system does not support drives larger than 4095 or 16383 cylinders (depending on the disk size and the age of the system). If this were the case, these are the available solutions:
  1. Use the EZ Installer for Data Lifeguard Tools. If your system crashes before it can access the CMOS, it may be necessary to turn off your system and disconnect the IDE cable system to access your CMOS settings.
    • Enter the CMOS setup. For instructions, refer to your system manual.
    • Select the type of hard drive choice for your new Western Digital hard drive. Select a disc type User Defined and enter: 1023 x 16 x 63 .
    • Turn off your system and re-connect the IDE cable to the system. This new configuration will allow your system to boot for you to install the EZ Installer Data Lifeguard Tools to access the full capacity of your drive.
    - O -
    If you do have the option to enter a disc type User Defined, use option 2 or option 3 below.
  2. If you have a record of 6 or 10 pins, reconnect the disk using alternative jumper settings shown in Figure 3 and install the EZ Installer Data Lifeguard Tools. This option modifies the parameters reported by BIOS. If you place another time this disk on another system, you must return the jumper in the standard position. Note: This alternative jumper settings DO NOT work with Windows NT, OS / 2 Warp, Novell NetWare or UNIX.
    If you have a 9-pin disk, you can use alternate jumper settings. However, this may cause drawbacks. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of alternative disk jumpers 9 pin.
    - O -
  3. Update your BIOS. An updated BIOS will support the drive properly. Contact the manufacturer of your system. Refer to the list of manufacturers of common systems and BIOS and their phone numbers.
    1. Figure 3 alternative jumper settings (disc 6 and 10 pin)

alternative jumper settings western digital 6 and 10 pin 

Discos SCSI

The Enterprise drive is designed for use in a wide range of systems. Therefore, several settings can be used using the option block on the front of the disc (the side opposite the SCSI connector). In most cases, no need to modify the default configuration for the disk operating normally, no clutch, in some installations it may be necessary to install or remove certain jumpers in order to meet system specifications.
  • SCSI ID Jumpers
    NOTE: jumper label that appears on the top of your SCSI disk refers to the pin ID and SCSI ID0, ID1 SCSI, SCSI SCSI ID2 and ID3. This refers to the SCSI ID BIT. Follow the instructions in the table below to set the device ID.

SCSI ID Pins 7 y 8 Terminals 5 and 6 Terminals 3 and 4 Terminals 1 and 2
1 X
2 X
3 X X
4 X
5 X X
6 X X
7 X X X
8 X
9 X X
10 X X
11 X X X
12 X X
13 X X X
14 X X X
15 X X X X
- Applicable to units of 8 bits X - bridge installed

Feature Feature
X y 10 (Key) / LED
11 and 12 Reserved or Axle sync **
13 and 14 Disable Automatic Start
15 and 16 Delayed Automatic Start
17 and 18 SCAM
19 and 20 Disable care unit
21 and 22 Disable Home synchronous destination / wide negotiation
23 and 24 SCSI Termination
25 and 26 Reserved (TXD / RXD)
27 and 28 Capacity Termination
29 and 30 LED + / Reserved
31 and 32 Reserved
33 and 34 Reserved


Feature Feature
X y 10 (Key) / LED
11 and 12 11 - Masa / 12 - LED+
13 and 14 Disable Automatic Start
15 and 16 Delayed Automatic Start
17 and 18 SCAM
19 and 20 Disable care unit
21 and 22 Disable Home synchronous destination / wide negotiation
23 and 24 SCSI Termination
25 and 26 Reserved (TXD / RXD)
27 and 28 Capacity Termination
29 and 30 LED + / Reserved
31 and 32 Reserved
33 and 34 Reserved
* The connection pin enables the feature.
** Synchronization Axle was eliminated in later models WDE2170/4360.
  • LED support
If your system configuration allows use of an external LED to WD Enterprise activity may drive the LED from disk. Pins 10 and 29 (and 12 in the WDE9100) are dedicated to the support of the LED. To install an external activity LED, connect the positive (anode) of the LED to pin 29 (or pin 12 on the WDE9100) and negative (cathode) to pin 10.
  • Pins reserved
All other pins are reserved for development and manufacturing.
  • Block remote option 68 models present pin remote option block located between the connectors and power data from the disk. The jumper block was designed for use in systems where the disk is installed in a custom "sled" that connects to the SCSI bus. The block is used to set the ID and termination and is the supply of electricity. Unless the disk is installed in this type of system, the remote option block should not be used.
You will find additional detailed information about the jumper pins of Enterprise SCSI disks on installation guidelines and technical reference manuals that are available in our Technical Library.

Disc Guide
Some computer systems have bays for 5.25-inch disks requiring only that the disc has sliders to complete the hard drive installation. Each system manufacturer has a different kind of guide disks for that reason hard drives Western Digital does not include guides. If your system requires drive guide, you should directly contact the system manufacturer to obtain guidelines for that particular system.
This information is based on a page on the manufacturer's website, which includes a link to the main page of HDD bracket. The function of this page is to serve as a backup in case the manufacturer is out of line.
If you need more support feel free to join our forum.

Samsung Announces an External Hard Drive With Wireless

Increasingly the need to use a cable to connect one device to another, begins to disappear in some ways and devices, gradually encouraged the use of wireless devices or wireless technology often remove a lot of headaches when we find the blissful need cable to connect the device, so Samsung has released a new model of wireless hard drive, which can forget to use a cable to transfer your files.

samsung-wireless-front samsung-wireless-main-dynamic samsung-wireless-main-package-hero Samsung-Wireless-mobile-media-streaming-device samsung-wireless-profile samsung-wireless-upper-hero-left  

This external hard drive with a capacity of 1.5 TB , where inside the casing will find us a 2.5 "HDD manufactured by Seagate. This new wireless hard drive will allow home use which private cloud, because we can use it for multimedia use or save pictures or videos , and of course for any document that is required, but to be able to access wirelessly, can display pictures and movies wirelessly from different compatible devices like it would be a Smart TV or laptop.

Prelaunch Video

Apart from home use, it is also perfect for a professional who is always away from home, as this hard drive 1.5 TB capacity being wireless has its own battery which would support up to 7 hours with a single charge through a wire connecting to a USB port, but its main function is to be an external hard drive, will also serve to get us out of trouble when our mobile not available battery because it has a USB port that allows you to load the mobile in these cases.
The Samsung laptop hard drive, allows great connectivity, since being wireless, can connect to simultaneously in 5 different devices, which can be tablets, smartphones, laptops or computers of any kind, since the connection is through Wi- Fi 802.11 b / g / n protocol will be supported by different operating systems such as Android 2.3 or higher, Windows XP SP2 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and in some consoles and compatible Smart TVs.
It was unclear when this device came to market , but if the price has been confirmed at approximately 180 USD.

Did you Know that Samsung Main Headquarter is Located here?

View Larger Map

Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

Nokia Lumia 1520
Rated 4.5/5 based on 22 reviews

The proposed high-end Nokia renews with this Lumia 1520 , which appears to complement the good impression we left 1020. There is a clear line of continuity in the line of design, but also important differences, starting with the size.

And the Nokia Lumia 1520 if something is striking at first glance is its size. His six inch dimensions place it squarely in the realm of what has been calling phablet, a category in which many actors came last year in the wake of Samsung, which followed his reign with Note 3.

But the 1520 is much more than a big Lumia, we will try to analyze whether Nokia is a step after his very good teams year in 2013.

Nokia Lumia 1520 specifications.

Something worth mentioning this 1520 is not only the screen - in which we stop later - but because the Nokia phone that incorporates the two gigs of RAM or processor Qualcomm level 800 Quad-core that makes it League of Android franchises in terms of power is concerned.
This should not worry as long as the flow of the operating system - Windows Phone is very well optimized for more modest settings - but maybe as moving games and video in high resolution that 1520 offers and facing future, thinking about how long it will be upgradeable to the latest versions of the system.

Finally, emphasize that Nokia has chosen Nanosim microSIM instead, perhaps to try to occupy minimum space and all the logic of the camera enlarges even more the phone.

Lumia Nokia 1520 Specifications

Physical Dimensions     162.8 × 85.4 × 8.7 mm, 209 grams
Screen     LCD with ClearBlack 6 inches
Resolution     Full HD, with a pixel density of 367PPI
Processor     Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, quad-core at 2.2GHz
Graphics Processor     Adreno 330
RAM     2 GB
Memory     32 GB, microSD up to 64 Gb
Version     Windows Phone 8
Connectivity     NFC , A- GPS + GLONASS, WLAN (2.4/5GHZ) a / b / g / n / ac, uUSB, BT 4.0 LE
Expansion ports     MicroUSB
Cameras     PureView 20 megapixels, Flash LED , Sensor 1/2, 5
Battery     3400 mAh (not removable)

The 1520 hand: design and management

I would say that there are very few companies - no more than three - in the world of mobile telephony with the current language glossy own. Nokia is one of them and that means that their last Lumias are not only recognizable as yours at first glance, but their bet by bright and colorful is influencing notably in the sector.
The Lumia 1520 we have had for the analysis is a deep red, but also available in yellow popularized 1020, in white and black. Finished repeat the polycarbonate in a single body, but beyond that this is a magnet for fingerprints on the back, the feeling of quality and a round product completion is presented in detail.


We can not ignore the issue of size. Nokia has gone to six inches in a device in which there is room for further improvement in the size of frames, adding to all the phone going over 200 grams (this is inevitably compared to the Note 3 ) . In short, the Nokia 1520 is great on all variables.

Both hand - use with a is just impractical with a team of this size -. As to the wear in your pants require it compromises not going to be the most comfortable in the market anywhere near the phone, but instead screen offers a very generous size. This is one of the crucial aspects in any phablet - some the size does not fire both in others even more - and the Nokia 1520 are palpable from the second number one with the terminal.

Related to the issue of the camera there are two aspects to highlight. On the side maintain physical button to shoot and turn directly to the camera and is lost as prominent hump Nokia 1020 while photographic terminal characteristics have also diminished. In fact, the 1520 connects more with the 925 than with the great photographic terminal last year. In Windows Engadget we did a thorough comparison between the three.

nokia 1520 vs note 3 vs s4 920

The phablet approach is reinforced by the kind of accessories that Nokia, among which the case / stand that inevitably reminds the Apple iPad offers. The message is clear, who must think in 1520 from a device that sacrifices size and weight to bring the size of the screen to a tablet.

I leave the table with size of several recent phablets in the vicinity of the six inches that we saw in the analysis of the Oppo N1.

HTC One Max, Silver 
Nokia Lumia 1520

Size(mm) 170,7 × 82,6 × 9 164,5 × 82,5 × 10,29 162.8 × 85.4 × 8.7 179,4 × 92,2 × 6,5 163,5 × 85,7 × 9,9
Weight 213 grams 217 grams 209 grams 212 grams 198 grams
Screen 5,9 inches 5,9 inches 6 inches 6,44 inches 6 inches

1520 nokia


Magnificent. We talked about six inches IPS LCD with 1080p resolution embodying the Nokia ClearBlack technology and Gorilla Glass 2 for protection. The Nokia 1520 screen touches 10 in virtually every aspect. Faithful colors, excellent contrast and outstanding experience in foreign rounded a screen for a server becomes a reference in the sector.

More positives: great on viewing angles, when to avoid reflections (this is where ClearBlack, a value it works when you use the phone as a navigator in the car) and the options to configure the experience. In settings you can play the "Color Lumia profile" and change temperature and saturation to leave it to our liking.

You could put two objections to the screen of Nokia 1520: one is that pixel density is significantly below some competitors (367PPI compared to 440 for example S4) and that blacks are less faithful screens AMOLED . In my case I have not been able to find in the experience of three weeks with the phone just in case you have been able to perceive any of this in actual use. That said, the screen of the Nokia 1520 is the new benchmark for me not only in the category phablet but for any phone.


Before you try one made ​​adjustment of expectations Camera 1520. Having been through the best of 2013 - the 1020 in my opinion - you have to understand that what Nokia has added to its phablet not play in the same league: the sensor size is lower (1/2.5 vs. 1/1.5 1020 or against the Sony Z1 1/2.3), reaches 20 versus 41 megapixels, no flash Xenon and the maximum aperture becomes 2.4 instead of 2.2 as losing some brightness.

That said, the camera features of 1520 deserve neither be neglected in any case. The flash LED is dual, the sensor is still great and the optics of ZEISS offers good optical stabilization hardware and maintains key aspects of Pureview technology as is the ability to achieve, such as being able to get images up 16 megapixels (19 in ratio 4:3) and another five smaller version (as Pureview allows offers 2x zoom with no loss).
cam 1520 nokia 650
By the way, come the RAW , the mobile registers as DNG (standard, any program of image processing is going to accept) that occupy about 20 megs each ... so you have a card with plenty of space is practically required if We will make use of this option.

The end result is part of what might be considered "reasonably good but without excellence experience." Outdoors and in good light behavior 1520 is outstanding, but indoors or in low light suffers a lot and is far from the level reached by 1020, I would say that in some cases it has been a little below other franchises 2013 (these weeks with note 3 and sometimes I have been better off with the Samsung mobile).
Where if we see continuous improvement is the software section. The Nokia Pro Camera app is so well resolved by unifying the use "hit and go" with a Nokia so called "professional" and adjusts enough exposure. One still dreaming to play with all parameters (although convergence telephony / photography seems to not be there), but as it reaches what Nokia is offering the best of the market ... but one can expect miracles if you set the ISO to 100 or 200 (allows up to 4000) to not get pimples and looks like the shutter speed is set to slow that nothing prevents the release focused with minimal movement (including his own pulse).
Also of note is the Refocus application you offer a software solution to emulate what makes Lytro : have shot different approaches that we can choose a posteriori. The result, especially in static scenes such as landscapes, is reasonably good.
I will not say that the 1520 camera is loose, but it is not oriented to photography as was the 1020 Mobile and presumably will be below what we can expect from high-end in 2014. On Flickr I left September 1 with the original resolution. Below some pictures discussing the context.
As we see, in remarkable outdoor performance Lumia 1520. Good fidelity to the colors, good contrast.

In exterior with good or acceptable results even light with the Nokia 1520 will not disappoint.


Examples of good behavior at small distances.

nocturna 1520interior 1520emo iso100elmo iso200elmo iso400elmo iso800

We see Elmo from ISO 100 to ISO 800, here is somewhat different view of the scene because the Nokia 1520 shutter speed changes depending on the measurement.

inside no flashinterior with flash

Example of the 1520 suffers in low light and how the flash can come to the rescue
In the case of video recording at 1080p remarkable behavior, which also stands out with a high capacity when capturing sound.

Power and control: hardware and software

In 1520 power going with Windows Phone, overrun. The fluid system is at all times perfectly manages the multimedia and HD video - a must to get that screen - also without problems beyond the typical codecs. To run a mkv is necessary to use applications like Moliplayer Pro.

Gaming experience is also outstanding as shown in the video, both Asphalt 8 as Halo Spartan Assault have been perfect at all times.
Game on 1520
On the hardware side note touches the battery in a phone of this size can only go to 3,400 mAh, even significant when you consider the cost of the six-inch high definition. For heavy use I'm afraid, again, he is within that day of autonomy indicates the limit if you forget to charge overnight, but with an average use performance transcends those 24 hours. Yes, bad news is that it takes ages to load.
On the issue of software we have everything: great news and regular disagreements. Let's start with the latter trying to dribble the debate always on "applications in Windows Phone" ... but I fear it will be inevitable.

On the plus side include the Nokia effort to offer good services and applications. The camera software - including Refocus - or that little gem that is falling Here in this section, which would add to them more and more and better focused on Windows Phone developers such as Creator 6 tag .

With the latter entered the less positive side. It is true that the most popular Windows Phone applications are or there is an alternative, but so is that on many occasions the developers are not giving this release the same priority as Android or iOs and found significantly worse proposals. Instagram is the case, but also Facebook or Whatsapp (see comments in the actual store of Microsoft).

This brings us to Windows Phone and its latest version. Those who have always liked this OS lately we are missing an argument to continue defending and Microsoft is slow when it competitive in something as basic as notifications. Android is well above last year and iOs jumped on that train ... while WP just not evolve at the same speed, still lacking a notification center which manage them. For advanced users accustomed to manage their absence is a clear loss of productivity and Microsoft should hurry to fix this, incorporating articulating or an equivalent alternative, because the live tiles are not.
opening windows phone
That would add that to be leaders in phablets Nokia and Microsoft are going to need to be more flexible with the proposal of Windows Phone. The idea of ​​leaving Redmond for Windows RT tablets may need to reconsider in light of the market is demanding products like 1520 to two shortcomings that do not help you get into proposals for large Android phones: the lack of widgets for the Android make more powerful use of the home screen of a terminal with this diagonal and resolution and the lack of options as multiwindow ago.

Nokia 1520, our Opinion

Once upon a time a mobile glued to a screen. Excellence in this aspect of the 1520 to justify some price to pay in dimensions and weight, on the other hand, will make many others who have found their limit closer to the five-inch six rejection.

The 1520 is a great phone in every dimension, but also very well finished and designed with the quality seal that is injecting its high-end Nokia for more than one year. Objections can come to consider that the platform offers the value you want to buy and that, this time, the camera does not reach the excellence that we saw in 1020.
start screen 1520
Good time to market given that Windows Phone is having difficulty starting in the high range. To play the card of a more competitive price has prepared the Nokia Lumia 1320 that will soon pass the test in Engadget.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 we liked a lot, showed that Nokia is very willing to inject good applications and services to Windows Phone, but it still as competitive as Android in the six inches and facing a future unification would make sense that he had reflection with RT what to do with Windows. 1520 is a good product but not in the line of excellence that Nokia was marked last year with 1020.

To do this you must get the phablet experience involving not pay such a high price in weight and thickness, Windows Phone incorporate productivity injecting handling notifications and finish outlining his photographic proposal, when you bet entirely by her is differential.


  • Exceptional screen
  • Design: color and finishes
  • The cover tablet mode
  • Power Gaming


  • The camera is not as good as in 1020
  • Windows Phone needs to evolve in notifications and phablet experience
  • Heavy and large in every aspect
review plans to keep you up to date with the most wanted items and the most interesting news.

This is a storm in the planet Saturn

Cassini images show for the first time the progress of a turbulent storm on the sixth planet of the Solar System.
Storm on Saturn

Captured by the Space Telescope Images Cassini of the European Space Agency (ESA) show, for the first time, the progress of a huge storm on Saturn.

As experts have pointed out, if this phenomenon had occurred on Earth would have covered all of Europe. The head of the captured storm, which took place on March 6, 2011, is located to the left of the picture, where a very turbulent activity shown in white. However, towards the center of the image, which would be in the wake of the storm, you can also see the imprint of a spinning vortex.

The ESA has excelled in this, centered at about 0 ° longitude and 35 degrees north latitude, image colors are enhanced on Earth to help reveal the complex processes in the atmosphere of Saturn. Thus, white corresponds to the highest cloud tops, but to the human eye, the storm seems more like a bright area against a yellow background.

Regarding the characteristics of the phenomenon, experts have suggested that the atmospheric disturbances of this size can be expected once during each orbit of Saturn around the Sun, which are about 30 Earth years.

However, this particular event has surprised scientists because it occurred during the northern hemisphere spring, instead of the more typical summer storm on the planet. In this mission, Cassini has also monitored the temperature of the storm, showing a rapid rise in the form of energy that is released into the atmosphere. plans to keep you up to date with the most wanted items and the most interesting news.